Airport Transportation — Why not a limo?


Sometimes taking a limo can be CHEAPER than taking cabs! Check rates and book in advance. Always specials going on.

You just got off the plane. You can already hear the sounds of slot machines and the Vegas fever is starting to hit you.

And then you go wait for 30 minutes in a cab line. Bummer.

Often, the only option available to you is a cab. If you’re traveling alone or with one or two other people, this is generally your best option (just watch for long-haulers!). But if you have a group of 4 or more, I really recommend looking into limousine transportation. There’s no better way to get your trip started than stepping off the airplane and seeing a man in a tuxedo holding a sign with your name on it. Skip the long cab lines, and go straight to the limo.

The good news is that if you have 4 or more people, the price will start to be comparable to taking two cabs. I have seen specials for as little as $50 for a 6-passenger limo to take you from McCarran to any hotel on the strip. While it might cost you an extra $5 or $10 per person over the price of a cab (depending on the size of your party), the ease and style points are worth it.

Just think of it as one extra bet on the pass line or one hand of blackjack.

Except with a positive EV.