Remembering Sahara’s Pool


Sahara Pool

Vegas Fun Fact: The Sahara was the first Vegas hotel casino to have an "Olympic-Sized" swimming pool. Thanks to our friends over at, here is a picture of the original pool. One thing I noticed right away is the lush green grass, a thing of the past in the  Vegas pool scene.


You'll notice there aren't many people wearing plastic guitars around their necks drinking daiquiris. 

And here's a kickass postcard from the Sahara, featuring the pool as well as some of the old signage. Another thing you don't see in Vegas pools anymore...the diving board. Not that I can blame the new hotels. You don't want the guy with the daiquiri guitar up there.
And... if you're into that kind of thing, here's a couple YouTube videos of some random people swimming in the Sahara pool. The first one is a home video, but gives you a good look into what the Sahara pool looked like in 1958(ish).

Sahara Pool - 1950s